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3 Upcoming NFT Mints of 2021: Keep Your Eyes & Mind Wide Open

Blockchain has certainly affected technological evolution harshly, but not everything went smoothly from the very beginning. Since the 2016-2018 “dark and uncertain” period a lot of water has flowed under the bridge: today projects have a working product before the launch of the token and its distribution.

Experts state that NFT is a suitable product for the cryptocurrency market. Today, every NFT’s life begins with the launch or mint of the NFT.

With this in mind, we have selected 3 promising projects, at the launch stage. Be sure to check them out and not miss their minting period. Maybe they are the new NFT hits to outshine the already launched iconic projects.


As the creators of a new CryptoDragons Metaverse describe, a new NFT dragon world is a “pungent mix of cutting edge technology and original digital art“. On the newly created platform, several innovative functionalities have been implemented. That is, the first-ever blockchain DNA, earning NFTs (you earn while holding special NFTs), and the fully-fledged blockchain-based dragon battling Arena.

The idea of letting users trigger the creation of a whole dragon Metaverse is also interesting: the CryptoDragons platform will release 10K of limited and AI-generated Eggs illustrations, from which the NFT classified dragons will hatch. After minting and hatching their Eggs all “firstborn” dragons will be ready to breed, fight, and some of them – generate an income.

Particularly, the rarest Legendary dragons will regularly receive the 50% of all breeding commissions charged by the platform. Newly hatched dragons will inherit their features out of 12,000 hand-crafted attributes, 25 genes with 16 variations of each gene. Moreover, each variation will have 30 color shades, which will be selected and overlaid during the breeding. The platform, as the official website says, has a full-fledged roadmap and upcoming updates to please all dragon and NFT lovers.

FLUF World

Last week, something crept out of the hole, shrouded in mysticism, and now is the subject of heated debate on the FLUF World Discord channel.

Although there is little information about the project, let’s figure out who will inhabit FLUF World and, in general, what a new NFT world is this?

FLUF World is a fabulous land inhabited by 10,000 unique 3D animated rabbits based on the blockchain in the form of NFTs. FLUF rabbits have been generated automatically from 270 attributes in 14 categories. They are completely unique in at least three degrees of separation. But before the great “Summoning” day, these creatures are known as Thingies. This Halloween Thingies (as it seems to be called future platform rabbits) will come out of the shadows and reveal themselves to us.  All interested NFT lovers are advised to mint their Thingies in their wallets and “sit tight”.

After the big Reveal, you will still have at least 1 week to mint your Thingies. This is what the description of the project says. Secrets, secrets, this project is shrouded in mystery until the big Reveal.


“What would we do if an A.I. suddenly deleted our culture?” With such an intriguing description, a new NTF MIXMOB platform official website starts. In fact, MIXMOBs are those who heroically oppose the invention of AI, which has destroyed our world. As the new NFT game creators say, they will release 10,000 official MIXMOB resistance masks to “protect our identity and culture”.

Each mask will give an NFT mask holder a unique but anonymous identity. The functionality of masks will be explained in more detail in the official teaser at the end of October. Intrigued, are you? Seems, in the near future, the “world will be destroyed” and the MIXMOBs will have to rebuild it.

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