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Aimedis Innovating

Aimedis: Innovating in the Healthcare Ecosystem With NFTs

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The global health industry is expected to reach $11.9 trillion by 2022. Still, unfortunately, this important sector in the global economy is plagued with poor data quality, transparency issues, weak algorithms, and a lack of innovative technologies.

Thankfully, the health sector is one industry that can benefit from the technology powering cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Combined with several other innovative tools, Aimedis is aiming to improve the global healthcare industry.

Meet Aimedis

Aimedis describes itself as an innovative platform for healthcare, and medical data solutions developed to digitalize the global health industry through the power of technologies like blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence (AI).

As a blockchain-based medical data platform, Aimedis aims to change the way patients, doctors, and hospitals communicate, connect and handle information. The platform is reportedly already active in over 20 hospitals located in 3 different countries and currently serves over 10,000 patients.

With Aimedis, patients can gain total control of their health data, including online prescriptions and consultations with doctors before, during, and after their treatments.

The blockchain-powered platform allows users to store, secure, and share their medical information only with the people they want to share it with using the Aimedis management system. Aimedis also intends to reduce the time spent in searching for patients’ information in analog recording methods by securely storing data that can be retrieved quickly and easily.

Features of Aimedis

The company’s solution is beneficial to all healthcare participants around the globe, especially patients and doctors. Some of the features offered by the platform include:

  • Improved Medical Records

Patients can securely store all their medical data on Aimedis, connecting their trackers and IoT devices to them to ensure that they maintain full control over what happens with their data. The platform ensures that user data is fully interoperable with professional health IT.

  • Specialized Tools for Medical Professionals

Aimedis provides medical professionals with a set of special tools that allow them to quickly attend to their patients. Some of the tools are:

  1. Private video chat module
  2. eAppointment module for on- and offline appointments
  3. ePrescriptions
  4. eSick certificates
  5. Patient service modules
  • Dual Blockchain Model

To ensure transparency while maintaining privacy, Aimedis has enabled a dual blockchain model that establishes trust and protects the data and assets of patients and medical professionals.

Aimedis utilizes a private decentralized zero-knowledge blockchain for transparency and a public blockchain for digital assets that can be used inside the ecosystem and the social, medical network.

The platform also has a unique patient and doctor ID system that has both know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-fraud mechanisms.

Medical and Scientific NFT Marketplace

Interestingly, Aimedis is also leveraging the NFT market and, according to the team, has launched the world’s first medical and scientific NFT marketplace, which introduces patients and medical professionals to a fair and secure platform where medical and scientific data can be traded for research and other purposes.

Providers are allowed to sell their data at reasonable rates to pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions, and insurance companies without any intermediaries.

Data is sold and bought as NFTs that are traceable and secured by smart contracts, which ensures that the terms of the contract are automatically executed at all times.

The in-house NFT marketplace, dubbed Aimedis DataXchange, is also powered by the blockchain and secured by smart contracts to ensure transparency.

The Aimedis NFT Marketplace

There are three fundamental categories of users that can benefit from the Aimedis DataXchange NFT marketplace – patients, researchers and hospitals, and pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

  • Patients Across the Globe

Patients from different parts of the world can derive benefits from the medical NFT platform by cooperating with professional data providers while receiving their healthcare services.

The data obtained from the diagnosis and treatment processes of patients can be used in another part of the world to treat patients with similar health problems and in the manufacturing of vaccines and medications.

  • Contract Research Organizations and Hospitals

Medical data providers like research organizations can anonymously share their medical data on the NFT marketplace. This allows them to generate revenue to continue their research contributions at the highest level.

  • Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies

These companies require the medical data of patients to further their work. Pharmaceutical companies need patients’ data to improve their products as well as to make the best product-market fit decisions for their launching products. Insurance companies, on the other hand, need the data to effectively understand their target markets and their medical status.

The Aimedis DataXchange NFT marketplace allows these two parties to find the necessary data required to increase the growth of their businesses and serve their customers better.


Aimedis has a native token dubbed AIMx that powers the activities carried out on the platform. AIMx has a maximum supply of 600 million tokens, with about 135 million available for sale to institutional and private investors as part of an initial DEX offering (IDO).

Users can earn AIMx on the platform by staking their tokens, creating content, or selling medical data NFTs.

Lastly, aside from serving as a utility token on the Aimedis platform, AIMx gives its holders certain discounts. For instance, for every data purchase made with the AIMx token, individuals get a 10% discount, and companies get a 50% discount on placing adverts.


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