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EGI in A Digital NFT Town

Since eGame Initiative Ltd, a company promoting e-games and e-sports with the technology of Blockchain, has agreed on forming a project tie-up with XRI this month, they are working on this innovative project, a Digital NFT Town. There are some characters, NFT exchanges, and goods sale for all users in this original metaverse and in this manner this Digital NFT Town is linked with EGI.

What is the Digital NFT Town?

Digital NFT Town is another world in virtual space where you can live and make new business models with NFTs. All of your activity in the Digital NFT Town will be feedbacked to the real world by making full use of the latest blockchain technology such as NFT and Defi.

In the NFT Social Park, there are many opportunities that you can get innovative NFT products and experience new NFT services including Celebrity Autographed Gold Debit-NFT (patent pending), Digital Concert Hall (NFT live digitally broadcast), and so on.

Global Based KYC Passport

In addition to the basic information as KYC, the original scoring model(patent) makes it more accurate than any other else.And the unique information combining the individuality of their avatars will become the new global standard for KYC as an essential transaction, in both virtual and real world.

Live City With No Time Difference

There is no time difference and you will never be worried about the business hours in this town. You can enjoy the unique real-space situations around the world, including the Sponsor City, without concerns about their operating time.

EGI’s Mission

EGI aims to engage the next generation of eSports, on the blockchain. EGI creates meaningful engagement like never before between fans and players of esports. On the eGame platform, users create communities, provide insight, create fantasy tournaments, engage in safe betting, and sponsor the growth of up-and-coming players all over the world.

eSports and the Cryptocurrency Market

The rapidly growing industry known as eSports has redefined the term “sports” with millions of views world-wide and market size. Consisting of a younger demographic that is technically savvy and cryptocurrency supportive, the combination of eSports and cryptocurrency is set to take the sports market by storm.

Check the official website and view the promotion video of EGI from here.

NFT Exchanges in EGI

A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a digital good, usually a media file such as an image or video, which is inextricably linked to a digital hash on the blockchain which affirms the actual owner of the original property.

NFT Creation

Through the platform players can create their own NFTs. It can be images or even video during a game. (Memorable events captured via NFT)

NFT Trading Platform

NFT creators and traders can then auction their NFTs on the NFT Trading platform.


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