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Affyn’s NEXUS

Land in Affyn’s NEXUS World Metaverse City Sold Out in 2 Hours

Land sales in Singapore-based Affyn’s Debut NEXUS World Metaverse City sold out rapidly. After a little over two hours, there was no land left!

Crypto markets are lagging, but as Affyn’s recent land sale shows, there is an unbelievable amount of interest in Web3 tech and the Metaverse. This should come as no surprise, as the Web3 development space is healthy, and there is building interest in new platforms that deliver real value.

Affyn’s Founder & CEO Lucaz Lee commented,

“Once again, our valued community is displaying extraordinary interest in our NEXUS World initiative. Starting with the Singapore metaverse city, we look forward to seeing how the metaverse economy can function and drive added value for users. With more cities in the pipeline, we are excited about the ecosystem’s prospects, namely to see how Landowners opt to develop their plots to co-create the economy of NEXUS World.”

The 2,000 NFTs that sold out so quickly line-up with actual locations in Singapore, and based on the feeding frenzy that ensued, Affyn’s plan to launch further NFT sales for other global locations will be well received. In addition, 400 “Generation Zero Buddies” NFTs sold out in less than 100 seconds after being listed.

NFTs clearly aren’t dead, but if a company wants to find success in the market, the projects have to be top-quality.

Affyn is Bringing its Best!

Affyn is clearly going down the right path with it’s NFT offerings. In early 2023, it will offer land in other global cities, and anyone who is interested can start buying Flags, which are used to claim land on the platform.

The maps are based 100% on the actual cities, and each plot of land is a hexagonal tiles that measures about 65.9 meters on a side, which amounts to about 15,047.5 square meters in total. The land in NEXUS world can be used like real land, and each one has unique climates and features. In addition, each plot is assigned a level of rarity.

Just like real land, NEXUS world land can be built up, and populated with residents. Affyn is creating an amazing base for the Metaverse, and people seem to love that NEXUS world is based on real-world cities.

Web3 is Growing

If cryptos are a small plant, Web3 is a sprout. Despite only being a few years old, Web3 and Metaverse technology is attracting a lot of development money. It isn’t hard to see why so many people would be interested in the Metaverse.

Today, almost everyone has access to some form of computer technology, so online platforms that drive global connections are in a great position to grow. However, as Meta demonstrated, people don’t want to play by the Web2 model. Centralized platforms aren’t likely to attract users, who are tired of big tech’s abusive business practices.

Instead, people want to have freedom and ownership online. Big tech simply acts as an intermediary between people, and isn’t a fundamental force in the online world, and least not inherently. With platforms like NEXUS world, people can make connections on their own terms, and have freedom over their assets.

Building the Connected Future

Affyn is taking the best of Web3, and applying it to an interactive online world that will fully leverage AR tech to connect people globally.

While people who are buying land now will be in a great position in NEXUS world, people who adopt the platform later will still be able to play-to-earn in an interactive online space.

Make no mistake, the Metaverse is no flash in the pan – it will grow as time goes on. Affyn is at the leading edge of Web3 and Metaverse development, and its projects are worth watching.

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