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Azuro Global

Meet Azuro: A Global Decentralized Betting Protocol

Seychelles-based Azuro is a decentralized global platform designed to revolutionize the betting experience with advanced gaming mechanisms and high-end technology.

Azuro enables early adopters to benefit from the trust and improved transparency, alongside a set of different features that the company provides.

The protocol is on a mission to address a number of common issues within the online betting industry, such as inaccurate odds and bet settlement, late or rejected payouts, restricted accounts, high payment costs and low conversions, limited liquidity, and many more.

In addition, Azura targets some significant issues primarily concerned with blockchain betting solutions, specifically prediction markets like ambiguous odds, insufficient liquidity, or liquidity providers facing a high level of risk.

What is Azuro?

Other aspects of the protocol are improving user experience (UX) for bettors, a cost decrease for betting services, and an overall expansion of the market. These features are expected to result in a transparent and fair online system in the betting arena.

Azuro’s Key Features

Azuro Token

The Azuro token is a utility token that empowers the Azuro ecosystem and serves the following purposes:

  • Governance: Azuro token holders have the ability to moderate the project’s development decisions. In addition, they can use the token to pay transaction fees and manage their fund. The token is also used to contribute to protection against fraud and fixed matches.
  • Farming with fair tokens: Azuro token is accessible for bet placing and liquidity adding. Furthermore, the affiliate program enables users to refer other players and generate additional incentives as Azuro tokens. The unity token is also applied to liquidity adding a token pair on DEX’s.
  • Utility: Azuro token holders will receive rewards when participating in staking to create customized liquidity pools. However, the project’s staking rewards have not yet been officially announced.

Token Distribution

  • Farming: 35.5%
  • Seed and Private Sale: 20.5%
  • DAO: 20%
  • Team: 16%
  • Partners and Industry Experts: 8%

Liquidity Pools and Odds Mechanics

Integrated with the algorithms that evaluate a progressive spread mechanism, this functionality makes investing funds in liquidity pools risk-free, guaranteeing funds to be protected from being lost due to the odds inaccuracies for low-liquidity events.

The mechanics ensure that fixed odds are always kept up to date based on the changes in the liquidity pool. For example, if oversize bets exceed 1/50th of the pool, the change of slippage will be accelerated.

It is possible to generate a return on investment in the liquidity pool that is guaranteed to be profitable once a critical mass of users has joined the pool in this way.

Cash Flow Routing and Front-End Launch

Cash flow routing is empowered by blockchain technology, with smart contracts playing a vital role in connecting and securing betting money, liquidity, and either payouts or earnings.

This facilitates immutability, transparency, and an objective system that fosters trust among all parties involved in the transaction.

Front-End launch allows front-end operators to integrate into Azuro’s services and provide these services to their customers. Simply put, customers are able to access a wide range of markets and events, approach significant volumes of liquidity and other benefits.

NFT Bet Trading and Gamification

To facilitate secondary sales and peer-to-peer trading, NFTs of each bet can join the Azuro marketplace. NFT bet trading and gamification come with leaderboards, badges/achievements, and special challenges.

Bettors have the opportunity to be on the list of top betting winners and obtain special items.

Suppose you make it to the top of the leaderboard. In that case, you will be awarded the “First Azurian” NFT, which entitles you to first dibs on future platform activities such as farming and token sales expected to be available in the coming quarters.

The Value Proposition

The protocol is still in its early development. The overall interface is designed with ease of use so that anyone can indulge in betting passion without restriction for any reason.

Azuro just announced its testnet release, along with a betting contest to attract more users and drive more adoption. Joining Azuro’s platform will give participants a multitude of essential services.

Users approach betting opportunities without the risk. In addition, platform registers via Telegram bot can get 100 tokens per day.

Once a user has placed 15 bets, they are added to the leaderboard.

They are automatically entered into the competition, with a prize pool consisting of $6,000 in USDT, $6,000 in AZUR tokens, and several NFTs.

The awards are given to the top-ranking bettors, who are determined by their betting success, the number of consecutive wins, turnover, and other factors, among other things.

Customers can benefit from the fair and implemented odds from more than 20 top bookmakers, averaged them, and an additional spread.

A bettor can win or lose based on objective and conflict-free odds established by smart contracts. Imported results from data sources are guaranteed to be accurate and conflict-free.

Members can bet with no concern of unfair play as the protocol implements smart contracts to keep track of payouts and bets and release them following the outcome.

Loads of Opportunities to Win and Earn

Additionally, a portion of earnings is distributed to front-end operators (companies that operate betting front-ends for bettors), liquidity providers (who supply liquidity for protocols and events), and the remaining 15% is stored for the DAO’s general use.

In terms of B2C, bettors have opportunities to wager on various events through interaction with the main page. They can also customize their experience by changing the settings, selecting the outcome of their events, checking the odds, and placing a wager.

Each bet will also become an NFT, which will allow users to trade in more cases and sell their NFTs on the Bet Marketplace and open up additional trading cases for them.

In addition, users who refer friends to the platform will be eligible to receive a portion of the prize pool if their referrals place a minimum of 15 bets on the decentralized betting platform.

Regarding B2B, companies that provide or operate front-end services partner with Azuro by establishing their own UX storefront. Liquidity providers and farmers stake their assets using Azuro’s token, confirming their desired investment return.

The Team

Online betting has faced numerous issues such as account limitations, rejected payouts, a common lack of trust and fairness.

Azuro’s founder Paruyr Shahbazyan acknowledges this significant gap and the opportunities in this industry.

Together with his partners, he established Azuro, a team of entrepreneurs with extensive expertise in the betting industry, consolidating to bring cryptocurrency solutions to online betting and improve the overall experience for all participants.

Notable Achievements And Road Map

Jumping into a challenging industry, Azuro quickly gains several notable accomplishments. First, the protocol successfully raised $200K to the fund from the founders’ contribution. It also completed the seed round with $300,000.

The CEO of Azuro, Paruyr Shahbazyan, is also the founder of Bookmaker Ratings – the biggest and fastest-growing sports & betting media group in Eastern Europe.

That means Azuro is backed by long standing support of Bookmaker Ratings. Azuro has also formed a strategic partnership with Federbet, a leading anti-match-fixing organization.

Besides, the project completed building the mechanism for the conversion of bet and NFT, and it is under the architecture development of the future Oracle’s solution, with a Chainlink node in operation.

Keep Up With Azuro

Like many areas of the online economy, the online gaming market is likely underdeveloped. Azuro is entering the space at the perfect time, and creating a platform that delivers real value to participants at all levels of the gaming community.

If you want to keep up with Azuro, and how the platform is developing, just click here to visit its website, or keep an eye on its Medium account here. You can also follow Azuro on Twitter, or dig into its code on Github!

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