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New NFT Platform Launches: Sturdy Exchange & NFTGO

NFTs attract more attention due to their uniqueness, rarity, and verifiability. But the most important thing is that NFT is a long-term potential investment in technology, rather than merely a financial opportunity.

In some ways, an NFT is only as valuable as the blockchain they exist on. While many NFTs have a physical counterpart – many are digital-only assets.

Capturing the promising future of the asset, a wide range of new projects from different industries has engaged in the early marketplace hype.

We’ve witnessed multiple contributions to the music space, film and movies sector as well as gaming and art. The Data Aggregator Platform And NFT Marketplace are the two latest launches that are in the spotlight. Data Aggregator Platform data aggregator platform is now live. The introduction of this new blockchain-based NFT data system comes with several advanced functionalities.

The project’s goal is to offer real-time trendy and valuable NFT to those who participate and are interested in their services. This may become more important, as unregulated and opaque markets can be manipulated.

In addition, it aims to build a “gateway to the NFT ecosystem”, making the virtual assets easier to purchase and discover while offering assistance in terms of asset evaluation and data analysis.

Designed with a user-friendly yet professional approach, the data aggregator plans to transform the NFT marketplace through its features.

Here are some of the most important elements that recommends for users to consider before embarking on their NFT adventure.

  • NFT Liquidity
  • Whales Tracking
  • Listing
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • NFT Contracts

NFT Marketplace

The world of music has been shaken previously when Tik Tok announced its launch of the first creator-led NFT collectibles. The participation of Lil Nas, alongside other influencers, trend makers, and other stars.

Following the hint in March regarding the collaboration of Sturdy and the manager of Shawn Mendes on a new NFT marketplace, the creative studio officially brings the final product to the public – the is here.

The beta launch last week marked an initial success as seen by the sale of a 5,000-piece art project by Somehoodlum (Drake, 21 Savage).

The release of a collection of original music, film, and photography, including the band Death From Above, artist Franky Aguilar, and photographer/filmmaker Misha Vladimirskiy, will be the next stop on the journey.

The Real World Connection

Each NFT includes the possibility of receiving autographed items, meeting and greeting with celebrities, and seeing live concerts.

New NFT releases will be released every week, including a collaboration with Jamaican-born/Canadian-based hip-hop producer Boi-1Da and Bacardi, which will be released soon.

As previously reported, Somehoodlum created the characters for the new Amazon adult animation comedy “Fairfax,” which launches on Oct. 29. Somehoodlum is also the designer of the characters for the new Amazon adult animated comedy “Fairfax.”

Death From Above will begin touring in support of its 2021 album “Is 4 Lovers” on March 5 in Philadelphia, following a four-year hiatus during which the band released no new music.

Mendes, Travis Scott, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar are among the artists who have benefited from Sturdy’s tour design expertise. The company is also known for its apparel and artwork for artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Rosalia, among others.

It was revealed that has raised $4.3 million in Series Seed funding.

Its fundraising was led by Ali Saheli of Hex Capital with participation from other investors including Gertler Ventures, Appworks, Dapper Labs, Bronco Ventures, TheVentureCity, and Coinbase Ventures. Kevin Henry, Connor Moy, Matthew Goulet, and Sandro Tolentino.

Given the sheer amount of money that NFTs have attracted – it is likely more money will be flowing into the space.

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