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Offering Polkadot

Nexo Offering 17% APY On Polkadot DOT Paid out Daily

Nexo sees a bright future for Polkadot, and to celebrate, the exchange is offering an 17% APY rate on any DOT deposits until the end of November. It is extremely easy to earn a passive income with Nexo, as it allows its clients to buy tokens and earn high interest rates for holding them.

Polkadot’s ecosystem has been a hotbed of development in 2021, and there are loads of exciting new things coming. There are a few parachains that are in late-stage development, which will help the overall ecosystem grow.

DOT is also doing well. DOT is the primary token on Polkadot, and it recently shot past the $40 USD mark in global trading. DOT offers some very interesting features for its users and developers, and it looks like the market is starting to reward Polkadot’s potential.

Earning Passive Income With Nexo

If you already have some DOT – all you have to do is deposit it in your Nexo account. If you don’t already have DOT, and you want to participate in this amazing offer, you can buy DOT directly from the Nexo platform.

Nexo states,

If you’re eager to get in on our limited offer, the fastest way to add Polkadot to your account is by buying straight from the Nexo Exchange. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Nexo account and go to the Exchange tab.
  2. Select your payment method: buy instantly with a credit/debit card or swap crypto and stablecoins already in your account.
  3. Select DOT as the currency you’d like to receive and confirm your order.

An interest rate that is above 15% is incredible in a global economy where many government bonds actually trade with a negative yield.

Almost every government bond is a money losing proposition when inflation is taken into account, as people are paying more for goods and services all the time.

One would think that a 12% p.a. interest rate would be enticing enough, but Nexo gives its clients even more ways to boost earning.

According to Nexo,

As with all Nexo’s Earn Crypto Interest services, you get great base rates, but you can also boost your earnings by holding NEXO Tokens and choosing to receive your rewards in NEXO. To ensure your earning is optimized, check out this breakdown of our yields on Polkadot for each Loyalty tier and manage your DOT and NEXO in the most efficient way for you:

  • Platinum: Маximum rate – 17%. Standard rate – 14%.

  • Gold: Маximum rate – 16%. Standard rate – 13%.

  • Silver: Маximum rate – 15.25%. Standard rate – 12.25%.

  • Base: Маximum rate – 15%. Standard rate – 12%.

No Market For Old Investors

Nexo is offering its clients an amazing opportunity to earn passive income in a market that offers few other options for passive income. With cryptos and Nexo, investors can gain double digit interest rates, and watch as the tokens themselves grow in value.

In addition to offering market smashing yields, Nexo also gives investors to use their tokens as collateral for loans, and swap them for other tokens as well.

It is very easy to see how Nexo, and platforms like it, will lead the next generation of capital markets. Investors are tired of being pushed around by central bank policy, and watching as their passive income streams dry up.

With cryptos, there are no central planners that can crunch interest rates to the floor, and reward embedded interests with massive amounts of free money. It simply can’t be done in the world of cryptos.

If you are interested in how you can join Nexo, and take part in any of its great programs, please click right here. It offers great interest rates on many of the major tokens, and in addition to the passive income, tokens offer price appreciation.

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