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NFTs Expand as New Industries Break into The Metaverse

Development in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space creates hopes of the Metaverse’s future in the real world. NFTs are an important part of the metaverse and the talking point of mainstream media.

More companies are working with NFTs, and given how flexible NFTs are as a format, it is likely the space has a lot of room to grow.

NFTs started exploding in the middle of this year, making their way into entertainment, art, retail and of course, gaming.

Creative industries broke into the market with multiple launches of new projects, collaborations. They share an ambitious vision towards the revolutionary technology of an online asset market with blockchain devs.

Hashed To Support NFT Projects And Metaverse

Entertainment is always entertaining and full of surprises. When integrated with NFT, the results are worth expecting.

Tik Tok’s announcement of working with artists and influenced creators focuses on experimenting with the NFT potentials. Facebook, on the other hand, demonstrated a strong belief in the Metaverse, which may the next trend following NFTs.

The NFT space has obtained more attention and interest in recent weeks. Take leading blockchain investment firm Hashed. The global crypto asset fund recently announced its launch of a new startup studio, dubbed UNOPND.

With UNOPND, the company wants to stimulate the growth of NFT projects as well as embrace the innovative metaverse. Online gaming and NFTs will be the centrepoint to explore the full potential of blockchain technology.

Adoption remains a big challenge since NFTs is still in an early development stage. Apart from crypto enthusiasts, mainstream users are also the primary target of many projects and UNOPND is surely not an exception.

The project’s goal is to bring up innovative ideas that can amaze and drive user’s adoption in the crypto space.

World’s First Fully Integrated NFT Design Lab

The recent introduction of the world’s first fully integrated NFT design lab proves that NFTs now opens the gateway to connect real-world assets into the proprietary electronic world.

The lab marked a strategic collaboration of Toonz Media Group – global largest entertainment firm specifically for kids and families and GuardianLink. The core development is to embrace custom-made digital assets in the art world.

As part of the launch, Toonz NFTLabs will serve as a service provider, offering integrated services that artists, creators, collectors, athletes, and brands can benefit from for their works.

GuardianLink, the decentralized protocol, will accept blockchain payments available both in fiat and crypto. The purpose is to gain popularity across the globe.

Both creative and technological aspects will be focused and expanded by a project team of more than 1,000 designers and technologists from Europe and Asia.

The lab also plans to provide intellectual property partnerships for television properties, movie properties, video games, and metaverses, among other things.

Going Beyond

Gaming is a lucrative ground for NFTs to grow. Take Axie Infinity – the well-known blockchain game as an example.

NFT games allow people to actually own their game characters, including in-game items and assets.

The community of players can buy and sell, exchange back and forth and form a market, instead of just having manufacturers sell items to players with no real ownership.

Gaming is one area where NFTs could radically change the way a development process happens, and gives the gamers control over the platforms in a way that was never possible before.

Not only in games, but recently NFTs have been used by the film business, but their use is rapidly expanding. Intellectual property, digital assets, content, and articles relating to film, entertainment, or aesthetic expertise are places where NFTs are growing.

There seems to be a boundless desire for NFTs, and more than enough content to make the market grow.

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