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Filecoin Polkadot

Polkadot DOT & Filecoin FIL Now Available on eToro

One of the world’s leading trading & investing community eToro just announced the addition of two strong crypto assets in their crypto portfolio: $DOT and $FIL.

The addition of $Dot from Polkadot and $FIL from Filecoin bring the total number of tradeable crypto currencies up to 31!! Making it one of the broadest lineups of crypto assets among the most important DeFi platforms of choice.

eToro welcomes Polkadot’s $DOT, the crypto token acting as the key unifier of multiple blockchains allowing a streamlined experience among different blockchains for investors.

$DOT is on eToro

$DOT makes it possible for its holders to have a simplified access to protocols on different blockchains with a single decentralized blockchain tailored to the investor’s preference.

$DOT’s unique ability of connecting different blockchain platforms also allows the reduction or even elimination of fees among different crypto assets.

An Open Source Protocol Built for Everyone

$DOT is not an ERC20 token, it is the native cryptocurrency of Polkadot’s blockchain. It is worth dedicating a few words to explain the beauty of the Polkadot project.

Polkadot is an open-source platform community founded by the Web3 Foundation. The Web3 Foundation dedicated five teams of its members and over 100 developers to develop this groundbreaking Polkadot project.

Connecting to Polkadot allows users to interact with a wide range of blockchains on the network. Users no longer have to choose which blockchain to use – Polkadot can connect most of them together.

A New Way to Connect

Polkadot’s developers imagined a Web in which users’ identity and data belong to them, safe from any central authority.

Basically Polkadot allows users to control a truly decentralized web. Through the Polkadot relay chain, Polkadot facilitates an internet where separate blockchains can communicate information and transactions in a trustful manner.

Polkadot allows creating and connecting decentralized applications, services, and organizations easier than ever before. The engineers behind the platform hope to free society from its dependency on a flawed web in which huge private or public organizations cannot abuse users’ trust.

It also allows innovators to create better alternatives to the trustless centralized environment.

What is the function of $DOT within Polkadot?

$DOT serves three critical capacities in Polkadot, specifically (I) giving administration capabilities or governance to qualified holders over the platform, (ii) enables operating over the platform, and (iii) enables the creation of parachains by holding $DOT.

The second crypto asset addition at eToro is $FIL from Filecoin, a cryptocurrency designed for the trading of unused filing storage space in the renowned Filecoin network.

Filecoin is a decentralized data storage network worldwide with a growing number of users joining to invest and take part. As the community grows, the easier and faster it is to access huge amounts of data and files without the need of relying on centralized servers in physical places.

More Coming From eToro

The recent addition of $DOT and $FIL, alongside with the already available tokens listed below makes eToro the ideal platform to have unlimited access to the benefits the decentralized crypto market has to offer.

With the addition of $DOT and $FIL to eToro’s portfolio, alongside with the already available $BTC, $ETH, $BCH, $LTC, $XRP, $DASH, $ETC, $ADA, $XLM, $EOS, $NEO, $TRX, $ZEC, $BNB, $XTZ, $LINK, $UNI, $MATIC, $SHIBxM, $FLR, $BAT, $MIOTA, $ALGO, $AAVE, $DOGE, $MANA, $YFI, $COMP and $MKR – eToro rises to an unarguably high position among trading platforms.

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