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Rocket Vault

Rocket Vault Receives Developer Grant from Polygon: Big Moves to Follow

Rocket Vault is on its way up. Polygon, the illustrious blockchain platform, has decided to fund Rocket Vault and has been given a grant by Polygon to develop Rocket X, the World’s First Global Liquidity Aggregator that support Cross Chain Swaps.

According to the company, Rocket X is the Global Liquidity Aggregator Protocol, which will help crypto traders and investors to access the best possible liquidity conditions when they trade. One of the biggest issues with DEXs is the lack of liquidity, and with this, the issue of prices that don’t match markets manifests.

The platform says that:

As announced earlier, we’re working hard to develop and launch Rocket X — our Global Liquidity Aggregator Protocol that would help crypto users trade ANY token listed on ANY exchange without registering with ANY exchange. We recognize the challenges faced by every crypto enthusiast out there- Rocket X is Freedom from all worries. With Rocket X

Trade from any exchange in the world with One account & One KYC.

Never give away your private keys to anyone, even the exchanges! You have the complete control of your tokens with non-custodial solution that supports different wallets.

Best rates are guaranteed by leveraging the order books across different exchanges.

First aggregator to support Cross-Chain swaps & Token transfers.

You have the access to global liquidity with just a click of a button.

📢$RVF Rocket Vault-RocketX launching soon on @BinanceChain on @PancakeSwap 🔥 #BSC #CAKE. Home coming for $RVF where we already integrated with @binance #RocketX #HybridLiquidityAggregator

— Rocket Vault ($RVF) (@RocketVault_) September 7, 2021

Rocket Vault Will Amp Liquidity

Market liquidity is everything, and DEXs have struggled to match the kind of liquidity that CEXs can make real. Of course, this is all a matter of connections, and Rocket X will make DEX liquidity far better as it is adopted.

Rocket Vault told the media,

We’re also in the process of launching our RVF token on Polygon chain soon, so that our users can trade RVF and enjoy lower tx fees. This means improved scalability, Interoperability with other Matic sidechains and very low gas (transaction fees) to begin with, which addresses most of the issues faced due to Ethereum network congestion.

Polygon community can HODL RVF tokens in the wallet on Polygon chain and save on the tx fee as well while trading on RocketX

New Ways to Create Income

Let’s face it – in a market – liquidity is everything. CEXs may have a lock on prices for the moment, but with RocketX, a new dimension of liquidity is coming to the decentralized economy.

But Rocket Vault is about a lot more than providing liquidity – it is making money with cryptos. Take a look at the platform to learn more about it!

Polygon is a revolutionary crypto platform, and the stakes are high. Staking is the only way that there are any remaining returns on capitol, and Polygon is next generation Decentralized Finance.

The Value Issue

We can’t lose. It is that simple. Ok – so fiat is still working – but good luck creating returns in the existing financial system, unless you are willing to go all out into equities (or other high-risk instruments), there isn’t much that can be done.

DeFi makes it much easier to gain from capital. It’s pretty basic, money is worth something, and some level of return should be guaranteed.

Polygon SDK is a modular framework that creates opportunities like Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium, and it won’t stop there. Devs love the idea that data creates liberation – and we aren’t far from it.

It is all about taking back control – and with tools like Rocket Vault – it isn’t difficult!

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