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Shiba Inu’s 10% Price Surge and Hedera’s Resilience Overshadowed by BlockDAG’s Moon Keynote & $48.6M Presale Success

Shiba Inu has recently made headlines with a 10% price surge, driven by increased whale activity. Meanwhile, Hedera (HBAR) has shown resilience despite market pressures, maintaining a 100.6% yearly gain. Amid these developments, BlockDAG’s recent Keynote 2 has sparked immense interest, propelling their presale to an impressive $48.6 million. BlockDAG’s unique DAG and hybrid consensus mechanisms and low code/no code capabilities are reshaping blockchain technology, making it a standout in the popular crypto coins landscape.

Shiba Inu News: Whale Activities Surge the Price

Shiba Inu, a top meme-coin, has recently surged by 10%, drawing significant attention. This price hike reflects growing enthusiasm among investors and a resurgence of bullish sentiment. The surge is largely attributed to increased whale activity. According to Spot on Chain, an AI-driven blockchain insight platform, a significant Shiba Inu whale recently exchanged 1,000 Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) for 149.3 million SHIB, valued at $3.476 million.

A major whale, previously earning $145 million from SHIB trading, has re-entered the market, acquiring 715.8 billion SHIB by swapping 4,849 WETH worth $18.5 million. This move has driven SHIB’s price up by 4.6%, showing continued confidence in Shiba Inu among crypto enthusiasts.

Hedera: Steady Amid Market Fluctuations

Hedera (HBAR), despite price drops, remains a notable player in the crypto market. Over the past weeks, Hedera has faced losses of over 5% on various time frames. However, on the yearly chart, Hedera’s performance is relatively strong, showing a gain of 100.6%.

Analysts suggest a potential increase in Hedera’s price to $0.1843 soon, indicating a recovery possibility. Despite current market challenges, the ongoing developments and strategic initiatives in the Hedera ecosystem are garnering interest. Hedera’s long-term outlook remains favourable, making it a noteworthy coin in the upcoming months.

BlockDAG Keynote 2 Championing Blockchain Tech 

BlockDAG’s second keynote showcased several critical updates that have fueled the surge in interest and investment. The keynote, delivered by a human presenter to dispel rumours of AI involvement, covered DAG implementation in detail.

BlockDAG’s Detailed Acyclic Graph (DAG) implementation is a key innovation designed to handle concurrent operations efficiently. This implementation supports persistence to disk, ensuring the DAG can be saved and loaded across sessions while maintaining its structure and data integrity. It also offers scalability and flexibility, managing complex dependencies and relationships, and providing a robust solution for decentralised applications.

BlockDAG’s unique hybrid consensus mechanism integrates Proof-Of-Work (PoW) with DAG structures, blending security and scalability. The DAG formation algorithm ensures efficient block creation and referencing, followed by topological ordering, providing a robust and efficient blockchain structure.

BlockDAG’s low code/no code capabilities are another significant aspect, enabling users to create, manage, and deploy software applications. This approach democratises access to blockchain technology, allowing a broader range of individuals to participate in decentralised application (DApp) creation. The platform’s intuitive interface and pre-designed templates simplify the development process, reducing time to market and fostering a vibrant ecosystem of diverse projects.

The presale coin success is a testament to the growing momentum behind BlockDAG. With a $48.6 million inflow and over 11.3 billion BDAG coins supplied, BlockDAG has demonstrated its potential to reshape the future of blockchain technology. The platform’s innovative approach, combined with a robust marketing strategy, has positioned it as a formidable player in the crypto space.

Final Thoughts

BlockDAG’s innovative approach and successful presale highlight its potential to revolutionise the blockchain space. With Shiba Inu gaining momentum and Hedera maintaining strong performance, BlockDAG emerges as a promising investment opportunity. The platform’s low code/no code capabilities and cutting-edge technology, make it accessible to a broader audience, fostering a vibrant ecosystem. As BlockDAG prepares for its mainnet launch, investors are encouraged to explore its offerings and participate in the presale.

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