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The Future of The Internet Is The Metaverse: Here’s What You Need To Know

While the modern day internet is two dimensional, the metaverse is a three dimensional wonderland where the physical and digital converge. You exist today in the physical world with a sort of crude digital persona. You might have a LinkedIn and a TikTok, but you don’t actually exist there…yet. The metaverse wants to change that.

In many ways, the metaverse has already arrived. Think about games like Fortnite, a multiplayer online game, and many more just like it. To be sure, the metaverse extends beyond a gaming environment where players can socialize. People will be able to create experiences in the real world—attend concerts, hang out with friends, host conferences, and spend money on in-game items.

In the metaverse, young adults can meet with their friends to play games, while their parents meet with colleagues to get work done. In fact, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already noted that he prefers to take his meetings in the metaverse.

A Post-Covid World

The expanding metaverse was fueled by the stay at home culture of a post-COVID world. While the world was locked down, people spent inordinate amounts of time in front of their computers at home. Something had to take the place of the old physical life they had. The metaverse’s adoption began to accelerate. For instance, rapper Travis Scott held a concert in Fortnite for 27 million people.

The metaverse is a world of innumerable possibilities. You can build your own virtual world there, too, if you’d like. Already, plots of digital land, which are managed as non-fungible tokens or NFTs, have been sold for millions of dollars in certain virtual worlds. Why buy land on the board game Monopoly when you can buy it in a futuristic, blockchain-based game such as Sandbox or Decentraland.

Binance Smart Chain & Dvision Network

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been a hotbed of metaverse activity, taking on incumbent smart contracting blockchain platforms Ethereum and others. The number of NFT and metaverse-related projects has been on the rise ever since the blockchain was first introduced last year, and the metaverse community has seemingly taken notice of BSC’s many contributions.

That’s why Dvision Network has decided to commemorate the one year anniversary of BSC with the BSC Anniversary Conference, which will take place in the Dvision Metaverse and emphasize gaming and NFTs. Dvision Network is a NFT Metaverse content ecosystem built with blockchain technology and a NFT Market, where unique items can be traded by users. For instance, developers can sell 3D items they personally developed, while users can request developers to create asset-specific items. The items are built using NFT technology.

The BSC Anniversary Conference isn’t Dvision Network’s first virtual rodeo. The blockchain and metaverse project has already held some very important events in the metaverse, such as a live debate on cryptocurrency legislation organized by the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.

From September 8 to September 13, conference attendees will be able to take part in airdrops, dances, game shows, and more, while learning about some of the most leading metaverse projects, including Arkane Network, Chainstack, AirNFTs, Alpaca Finance, Gala Games, NFTB, Refinable, ApeSwap, ITAM and etc.

Metaverse-based conferences are coming to your industry, if they haven’t already. The blockchain industry is ahead of the curve. The Dvision Metaverse looks to put that on full display.

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