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Government Respect

The U.S. Government Does Not Respect Autonomy. Bitcoin Does.

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The U.S. government wants to neglect the free will of the markets and Bitcoin is the only way to opt out.

The below is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Issue #1094: “The kleptocrats have no respect for you, your privacy, or your ‘autonomy.'” Sign up for the newsletter here.

The government that brought you $28 TRILLION in debt that they are unable to pay back without a perpetual raising of the debt “ceiling” and forced confiscation of wealth via taxation and other means is here to tell you that “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes you will need to submit to us invading your privacy to ensure the IRS knows about every single transaction over $600 you ever make.”

The mounting debt may be no fault of your own. It is likely the product of a run away bureaucracy drunk with power, greed, and an inability to do anything with any semblance of efficiency, but that does not matter. You must suffer. After all, this is YOUR government. You voted for the imbeciles making the decisions. Therefore, you should be liable for the consequences of their decisions. Deal with it, peasant.

Disregard the fact that the decrepit old bag screeching “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” in your face as if it is an appropriate explanation to a valid question about government overreach has abused her position and the information it affords her (husband) to front run markets. YOU are in the wrong. YOU are guilty until proven innocent. Until the IRS takes the information handed over from the banks, scrutinizes every transaction you ever make over $600 and let you know whether you’ve paid your “fair share”, you are not absolved of your natural tax slave sin. DEAL WITH IT, MAGGOT.

This is how the US government views the US taxpayer at this current juncture. As we said yesterday, it is time to abolish this government drunk with power. These ignorant kleptocrats need to be left behind. They are actively attempting to push through a top-down centrally planned economic transition on the public.

They want to make “fundamental change” to the economy. In other words, they want to dictate what should and shouldn’t be done within the economy. They want to centrally plan industry. Completely neglecting the free and actual will of the markets and the participants who make it up. This is pure madness and it should be rejected at every turn. These people are insane. They are immoral. And if they get their way, they will destroy any chance of prosperity for the American people moving forward.

Nothing will ever be enough for them. When these terrible policies and central plans fail they will only ask for more. They will only tell you that you didn’t do enough. If you only let them steal from you a little bit more they would have achieved their utopian dreams. That is why they need to dip their dirty skeleton looking fingers into your pockets and personal life yet again.

These people don’t have any respect for you. They think you are a dumb compliant pleb to be milked for all your worth with absolutely nothing but shitty results from their capital misallocation in return. They think you are so dumb and such a danger to yourself that you should not be able to purchase things like tobacco, prescription drugs, or guns. Those things now need to be censored too. For your own safety, worm.

COMPLETE CONTROL. This is what these psychopaths want. They don’t care about your safety. They don’t care about your comfort. They don’t care about your future. They care about their ability to absolutely dominate your life.

And their number one tool to achieve that control is the current monetary, financial, and tax systems, which they are looking to leverage to cattle herd you into their trap. Well, if any of this makes you sick, as it should, Bitcoin is here to provide an alternative where these efforts are made exponentially harder.

It’s time to tell these assholes to leave you the fuck alone. You can do that by buying bitcoin and convincing as many people as possible to join you.

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