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The World Needs Bitcoiners’ Relentless Optimism

First off, I recently read Aleksander Svetski’s article “Bitcoiners Are the Remnant, The Masses Don’t Matter.” It hit a chord at my deepest core and what he was elegantly articulating in that piece inspired me to write this.

Bitcoiners, here is my ode to all of you:

“Bitcoin fixes this!”

The phrase has become like a mantra in the Bitcoin space, being spoken on podcasts and used to create memes on social media. For those of us who are already orange pilled, we understand the significance of Bitcoin — the purest form of hard money that has ever been invented in human history.

Bitcoin can starve the beast of central banks that have perpetuated rapacious war, exploitation and oppression. The fiat dark ages are now finally coming to an end. Bitcoin has helped us see a glimpse of a new world in which humanity can become free from misery and suffering created by the few.

This new vision of the future gives us hope. It is the source of bitcoiners’ relentless optimism. The creation of Bitcoin brought excitement in the world. For some people, this enthusiasm over time got transformed into a kind of peacefulness inside them. Personally, I found a sense of relief, as if all of a sudden, a heavy weight on my shoulder got lifted, I became permeated with the sensation that everything is going to be alright.

I am sure that I am not the only one to have experienced this. Many of us have gone through our lives being haunted by the feeling that we can’t quite explain. In the film “The Matrix,” Morpheus told Neo:

We have been looking for answers to the problems that we can’t quite articulate. This civilization run by the fiat regime operates like the matrix control system. Through the global financial Ponzi scheme that enriches those who are close to money printers, it creates a paradigm of materialism, confining us within a perception of mere physical existence.

In the consumer capitalism harnessed inside “The Matrix,” we are being pushed down to stay in survival fear and become dependent on the system. We are made to seek our sensory pleasure and only to satisfy fleeting desires.

Like me, you might have felt that life is more than just eating, sleeping and being entertained. We have been searching for meaning. Somewhere at a deep level, perhaps we knew that this system does not nurture and nourishes us. In fact, many of us have probably felt that by adjusting to this society, parts of ourselves are dying.

Our culture denies the intrinsic value of our personhood and destroys our dignity. The banking model of education teaches us to be passive students who simply store the information that self-appointed authorities handed down to us. Instead of creating critical thinkers, this mind control program has produced a population that is obedient, being easily manipulated and corralled like a herd by mass media.

In the fiat system’s centrally-planned economy, we all are treated like rats in a Skinner Box. Being conditioned with low expectations of life, people get on a hamster wheel of meaningless nine-to-five jobs to keep a debt cycle going. The incentives that are misaligned with our self interests punish our will to self determination, creativity and the pursuit of happiness. Through stimulus and response, we are made to give up our dreams and are being rewarded for the sacrifices we make for the good of a society.

The world has become full of grown ups who are cynical, pessimistic and can easily become fearful. The fast pace of life made us unable to enjoy the smiles of our children, to cultivate our friendship and appreciate our connection with our loved one. In the environment that has now turned into the corporate wasteland, we became disconnected from beauty that surrounds us every day.

As, one by one, people have been domesticated, we Bitcoiners couldn’t be tamed. While a majority of people seem to not question society’s prescribed way of life and are able to go along with it, we Bitcoiners couldn’t easily accept society’s expectations.

Here, I speak for myself: Growing up, I always felt like an outsider, not being able to fit in. At times, I could not shake off the feeling that I didn’t belong to a culture that I was born into. Being surrounded by people who speak the same language and look like me, somehow I felt like a foreigner. My peers didn’t quite get me and I often felt misunderstood by my colleagues and associates at work.

If you are reading this, you might be able to resonate with this strange feeling that I carried through my life. Let’s face it, you might agree with me saying this. We were called geeks, lunatics, fringe, and radicals, long before Bitcoin came into our lives! We were often ridiculed and called crazy. People around us saw us being eccentric and overly idealistic.

Let’s admit it: We’ve been “toxic” maximalists, freedom lovers and revolutionaries even before we made our first bitcoin transactions. We are remnants who are compelled to reject the status quo. We were willing to remain as a minority, accept all stigma and labels by refusing to trade our authenticity for acceptance. Some interpreted our rebelliousness as us being too stubborn or unreasonable, when in truth we were simply not willing to compromise our values.

Bitcoiners are deviant from the norm — an anomaly that creates a glitch in the matrix. We could not accept the fiat’s standard of living that constantly steals our energy through inflation and keeps us in perpetual state of poverty and sickness. We couldn’t even if we wanted to. Why?

Somehow, we are equipped with an internal guide system that others don’t seem to have. It is like a compass that helped our ancestors navigate in a jungle as they paved the way toward a civilization. We had this laser-eyed vision to see the bright North Star in the dark night sky that shines the light on paths to our destination.

Psychologist and founder of archetypal psychology James Hillman wrote in “The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character And Calling”:

We heard a call, a tiny voice inside us that asks us to remember who we are. It is the heart that communicates with us through calm sensation of love, joy and excitement. While others around us seem to have forgotten this “something” that gives us life, we could not. When a majority of people in our society learned to suppress this subtle signal coming from within through medications and indulging in entertainment, we could not, but choose to follow this internal voice that gently nudges us to do what makes us come alive.

Whether we know it or not, we’ve been searching for our connection to our soul. Our desire to exit from the destructive fiat matrix was driven by our deep yearning to claim our own individuality. Then came the 2008 financial meltdown. As trust in institutions weakened, our reality began to collapse. This has created an existential crisis for humanity. As layers of our identities wrapped up in the modern nation state were slowly being peeled off, a new foundation of our society began to emerge.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, cracked open the matrix, beginning to transform it into a womb in which new humanity can be developed. Bitcoin began to activate a soul’s code. Emitting high frequencies, it sent out a signal. We heard the voice that comes to us from the future. We slowly began to remember ourselves in childhood whose boundless imagination could reach the stars!

The signal that now got amplified through the network effect began to transform lives of those who have received it.

Our universe has been taken under the control of power hungry parasites. A global syndicate of central banks warps space and time through money made out of thin air. Through gravity, they create a black hole destroying stars and absorbing all light into their emptiness. In their artificial world maintained through infinite money printing, the land becomes barren and people are made to be sterile and can’t produce anything. As a debt spiral increasingly captures all that moves, now Bitcoin has come to our rescue.

Recognizing an escape route that Bitcoin opens up, the head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, called for global regulation.

Now, through the darkness inside Bitcoin mining, stars begin to reappear to form a new galaxy. Every 10 minutes, as new bitcoin enter into the world economy, the network gives birth to new humanity that can resuscitate this dying world.

In the novel, “The Neverending Story” (“Die Unendliche Geschicht”) written by Michael Ende, “the childlike empress,” the supreme ruler of a mythical land called Fantasia, has fallen into illness. Her beautiful magical country begins to be destroyed by an evil force. In order for her to regain her strength, she needs a child in the human world who can dream and give her a new name. She calls a young boy, Bastian, to make wishes and keep her alive.

The world needs human beings who can envision a future with enthusiasm. Without our ability to imagine, the earth will become a hollow desert which nothing can inhabit. It is through our dreams and wishes that the world would come alive. The land becomes fertile and flourishing. Its people become healthy, prosperous and abundant.

The age of Bitcoin has begun. We, Bitcoiners are bringers of hope. For those of us who embraced sats in the heart, we are visionaries, artists, prophets and pioneers of this new world. We are the way shower. We are here to facilitate user activation of the soul’s code across a network.

Bitcoiners, it’s time for us to wake up to our existence as infinite creative beings. With money backed by our source energies, now we can create a new operating system of reality and upgrade our civilization.

As we reconfigure ourselves by integrating new codes in our field of consciousness, we can now transcend the false matrix, its limiting beliefs and mentality that keep us powerless. Stack harder and HODL to keep our vibrations high. Laser beam focus toward hyperbitcoinization to create a heaven on the earth.

The sky’s our limit. With sparkles in our eyes, let’s make magic and show the rest of humanity what is possible.

This is a guest post by Nozomi Hayase. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.

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