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Tired Of COVID Lockdowns? Well, A Cyber Pandemic Seems To Be Next

As the Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp shutdown demonstrates, the COVID-19 pandemic may just roll into a cyber pandemic.

As the Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp shutdown demonstrates, the COVID-19 pandemic may just roll into a cyber pandemic.

The below is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Issue #1088: “Beware of the cyber pandemic” Sign up for the newsletter here.

Are you tired and/or beaten down enough by the COVID lockdowns and the vitriol and confusion that has accompanied them? Ready to get back to some semblance of normal? Well, you may not have that luxury as it seems that we may be rolling into another pandemic. A cyber pandemic that has been choreographed by the World Economic Forum and its lackeys.

As most of you are probably aware Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experienced global disruptions today that made the services completely inaccessible. So inaccessible that Facebook employees couldn’t even get into the company headquarters as their access badgers weren’t working.

These disruptions can be added to a list of disruptions that started with the oft-reported ransomeware attacks targeting critical infrastructure earlier this year. Who knows what the post-mortem on today’s events will surface, but your crazy Uncle Marty’e antennae are perked high in the air as it seems that the cyber pandemic conveniently predicted and war gamed by the parasites at the World Economic Forum earlier this Summer seems to be coming to fruition.

Be on the look out for this growing narrative moving forward. It will be used as yet another reason why citizens around the world need to give up more freedoms and hand them over to a kleptocratic elite who have “our best interests at heart”. This may seem conspiratorial at the moment, but I won’t be the least bit surprised when the ghouls in control of the world’s governments and banks begin loudly beating this drum.

When they do, make sure you push back as hard as possible against their attempts to tighten their grip of control over your life a bit more. Start diversifying your tech stack away from the massive tech giants that will be “targeted” throughout the cyber pandemic and toward more robust and distributed applications. Here’s a good list from our friend LaserHodl.

This isn’t directly related to the cyber pandemic, but is something you freaks should be aware of. Just a few days ago Coinbase made the world aware that 6,000 of its users were SIM swapped and had their accounts drained earlier this year in a sophisticated phishing attack. This is yet another reminder that you should eliminate the risks that come with storing your bitcoins on a third party custodian by taking full control of your private keys and keeping them offline in cold storage. Cold storage demands extreme ownership but it is something every individual who owns bitcoin should strive for. In fact, you really don’t own bitcoin until you take possession of your UTXOs. You only own a claim on bitcoin until you control your own keys.

It’s a scary world out there freaks. Prepare accordingly.

“We must sterilize the Internet against the looming specter of the Cyber Pandemic. It’s time to connect your ID to your IP Address.”

… coming soon to a dystopia near you.

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