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Why The ABEY Token’s Liquid Global Listing Is Important For Blockchain

The ABEY blockchain is experiencing unparalleled growth by any other blockchain at the moment, adding 20,000 wallets in the past week. The growth comes on the heels of a crucial listing for the ABEY blockchain.

The ABEY token, available to trade on Liquid Global, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has skyrocketed in price by more than 400% since its first public listing on exchange, when it traded at approximately. US$0.61 in 2020. ABEY is now being traded around US$2.50 per token at the time of writing.

As the first fully operational-third-generation public blockchain, ABEYCHAIN overcomes one of blockchain’s paramount challenges. By achieving both a high degree of decentralization, security, and efficiency, ABEYCHAIN has pushed the industry beyond the “Impossible Triangle,” where blockchains cannot be equally decentralized, secure, and efficient—instead, blockchain’s must focus on two of three angles at the expense of the third.

Unlike other blockchains, users enjoy high-speed transactions, cross-chain interoperability and a growing index of decentralized applications (dApps) on ABEY, whose foundation, The ABEY Foundation, maintains the blockchain can scale to 10,000 transactions per second—a throughput unmatched by other blockchains.  The ABEY Foundation assists with governance, research, and guidance.

The list of ABEYCHAIN features is tireless. A variety of high-quality cryptocurrency assets native to other blockchains can be seamlessly transferred onto or processed through the ABEYCHAIN without experiencing any significant delays. DApps can be showcased, purchased, and sold within the innovative ABEY Marketplace, an exciting feature that users will not find in other blockchain ecosystems.

All this plays to the significance of the ABEY token’s most recent listing. Ranked with regularity amongst top crypto exchanges on daily traded spot volume, Liquid, which was founded in 2014 and is based in Japan, has presently more than 80,000 customers, who now have access to a scalable platform with functionality above and beyond prior blockchains.

The discussion about how to scale blockchains dates in earnest back to the early days of Bitcoin. Already on BitcoinTalk in Bitcoin’s earliest days, bitcoin developers such as Jeff Garzik were discussing the problems that may in the future reveal themselves owing to Satoshi Nakamoto’s decision to set Bitcoin’s block limit at 1MB.

Years later, the so-called Bitcoin Block Size Debate—known by some as Bitcoin’s Civil War—broke out. New block sizes were debated. Mike Hearn, an early Bitcoin developer, even left Bitcoin, declaring the digital currency experiment a failure due to the community’s lack of governance and inability to scale the technology. Several forks appeared with the intention of scaling Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), but none of those chains have proven successful.

Clearly, blockchains must be flexible and interoperable in order to be sustainable. The engineers behind ABEYCHAIN have sought out to implement blockchain in a novel way, avoiding the headaches caused by first and second generation protocols.

That’s why the ABEYCHAIN operates with two consensus mechanisms, bolstering security and confidence in a leading blockchain implementation. Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) work side by side in a hybrid model offering advancements in governance, fast transactions, and preserving decentralization. Whilst Proof of Work provides security and decentralization, DPoS incorporates a system of governance to ensure efficient management of the protocol, as well as ease of use. ABEYCHAIN’s Hybrid Consensus provides transaction finality and security far beyond those of earlier blockchain implementations.

Based in part on Ethereum’s Virtual Machine model, ABEY in essence represents a new virtual machine concept, featuring high transaction processing capacity while maintaining a permissionless setting. ABEYCHAIN advances such concepts to build a blockchain uniquely designed for the entire world to use.

As planned for the forthcoming Ethereum 2.0, ABEYCHAIN incorporates data sharding, speculative transactions, real-time smart contract auditing, all in a hybrid cloud infrastructure. As the market wakes up to the ABEY token, trading has increased on platforms where it is available, with the value of the token increasing 400% since its first listing.

The robust ABEY ecosystem features the ABEY Storage Network and the ABEY Storage Token (AST); the aCash Token (ACT), the official Stablecoin of the ABEYCHAIN; as well as  on-chain apps, home of the latest DeFi platform, the ABEY NFT platform, and more.

With more than 100,000 already users already, ABEY’s brand recognition is only forecasted to grow now that it is available on Liquid Global, and the world is ready for a scalable blockchain.

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