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Changing Zoksh

Zoksh Is Changing The Digital Payments System Game: Here’s How

If there is one name in the digital payments sector which should be on everyone’s radar right now, it’s Zoksh.

This is because Zoksh is the only system based around providing effective payment services for both crypto and fiat (offering 1,000 different currencies) across more than 8 blockchains that is also being specifically designed for Web3.

Understanding Zoksh

Although it was called MooPay in the past, the platform rebranded to become Zoksh which is a kind of umbrella term for the team’s vision which includes every single product and service working seamlessly together to offer the best checkout experience. ZokshPay was the first payment gateway, and additional Zoksh products and services are constantly being developed. In simple terms, Zoksh utilizes blockchain technology to provide payments and business solutions for commerce.

The team has already communicated with their advisors, investors and partners (which include Supra Oracle, Router Protocol and RSK), and they are pleased with the rebranding. Other names like Big Brain Holdings, Orange DAO, Balaji S, Priyank Gill, Ajeet Khurana, Nishcal Shetty, and other funds, entrepreneurs and  angel investors assisted in funding the fundraising seed round. Zoksh is doing its utmost to solve a real-world issue since the growing significance of decentralized, blockchain-oriented payment rails cannot be overlooked. Zoksh therefore believes that payments shall be at the center of any new innovations introduced by Web3. Notable Zoksh partners involve Supra Oracles, Router Protocol and RSK and Zoksh has also received numerous awards, including the NEAR Accelerator, Polygon Leap, multiple hackathons, and inclusion on the YourStory & Builders Tribe’s list of top Web3 innovations, as well as selection for the Binance Accelerator.

What are Zoksh’s main features?

The Zoksh Payment Gateway makes a significant contribution to the payment system’s ability to supply consumers with a wide range of high-quality resources to help them run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, Zoksh accepts payments from customers all over the world and contains a robust system of compliance, security, and payment optimization features. This suite is required in order for users to perceive their checkout experience to be both reliable and pleasant. Besides that, a single payment processor and payment gateway manages and tracks all transactions.

There is also the Zoksh OnRamp Solution, which permits users to purchase multiple cryptocurrencies straight from their app or website. This not only removes any traditional barriers, but it also eliminates the need for users to feel nervous about payment methods. Zoksh is developing the best Web3 payments infrastructure layer. A huge array of projects could thus gain access to fiat ramps, subscription services, payment solutions, and much more through a simple single integration. Furthermore, the fees can be as low as $0.25.

Moreover, users can accept payments in a convenient fashion from any location, timezone or compatible currency. Since Zoksh is a no-code payment system, the platform helps its users in terms of easily establishing their businesses and doing so both quickly and easily. Throughout the entire process and for every single service provided, Zoksh ensures that honesty, fairness and complete transparency are always prioritized.

What is Zoksh’s ultimate goal?

Since Zoksh wants firms to expand globally, the platform is designed to work with any currency. Because of no-code integration, real-time settlement as well as a truly non-custodial setup, the users have complete control over their payments. Zoksh also grows alongside users’ businesses, and the system aids in transactional simplification and democratic payments are available too.

The overall goal would hence be to provide a robust, easy to use and convenient system which is ready to scale and is currency and business agnostic. Thanks to a fully optimized dashboard, users can plan, simplify, and monitor their payments and transactions with no problems whatsoever.

Additionally, Zoksh successfully completed the seed round and began the post seed round. The system is currently live with more than 15 clients and over 150 are on the waitlist. Alongside multiple on-chain payment solutions, the fiat ramp aggregator was also launched. In terms of future goals, the team plans to add over 500 clients and partners, launch their token, SDKs, hackathons, and bounties to onboard developers, and efficiently establish a viable ecosystem of Zoksh-based applications.

Check out Zoksh’s Medium, Twitter, Telegram and Discord channels for regular updates and the official website for more information.

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