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Cointraffic Review

Cointraffic Review: The Leading Crypto Advertising Network?

Cointraffic is the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain advertising network globally. The Estonian company has a growing pool of publishers and projects using its services.

Cointraffic’s Ad Network is renowned among small and large publishers. It is an excellent way to generate revenue with a crypto blog or news site. More importantly, publishers and advertisers benefit from the optimized advertisements distributed through the network and the crypto press release distribution service.

What To Expect From Cointraffic

The team uses CPM (Cost Per Mile) advertising to optimize banner impressions. As a result, publishers hosting the ads earn an adequate amount per thousand impressions, with earnings rising if the ad gets more views.

For advertisers, there are numerous ad models to choose from:

  • Slide banner ads (desktop and mobile)
  • In-page banner ads (desktop and mobile)
  • Sticky footer ads (desktop and mobile)
  • Native ads (desktop and mobile)
  • Notification (desktop and mobile)
  • Pop-unders (desktop and mobile)
  • Press release distribution service

 Every option has distinct features that bring more visibility to an advertising campaign.

The Cointraffic platform enables advertisers to monitor advertising progress and adjust whenever needed. Every ad format has detailed insights regarding impressions, paving the way for more finetuned campaigns and advertising approaches.

Advertisers are assigned a dedicated campaign manager who will help them optimize their campaigns or make changes. Setting up a campaign requires three steps and can be completed via the native self-service tool. Once reviewed, the campaign will begin as immediately.

Additionally, the ad network has an anti-fraud solution to ensure spam and other harmful traffic stand no chance.

Carefully Selecting Partner Sites

The Cointraffic team prides itself on ensuring every advertising campaign gains optimal traffic. To do so, the team carefully selects crypto sites they partner with. Core requirements include having a professional and reputable website with high-quality content updated regularly.

Websites that aren’t related to cryptocurrency or blockchain are not allowed. However, it is a necessary step to ensure the advertising campaigns reach their intended target audience.

A Stellar Reputation and Track Record

Cointraffic has built partnerships and relationships with over 400 publishers (including CoinMarketCap, Whattomine, Blockonomi, Coinspeaker, etc.) and more than 1,000 clients (such as KuCoin, OKX, BitStarz, Bitcasino, etc.).

Furthermore, Cointraffic has completed over 5,700 campaigns since its inception, further confirming its prominent industry position.

More details about Cointraffic’s services for publishers and advertisers can be found on its website.

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