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Gainium Review

Gainium Review: Unleash the Power of Automated Crypto Trading

Gainium is a platform that provides crypto traders with manual and automated trading bots and tools. The platform offers a comprehensive hub for researching, testing, analyzing, and deploying strategies for profitable trading with zero coding.

But is Gainium as efficient as it claims to be? This guide reviews the platform to help investors make an informed decision.

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Gainium Trading Bots Overview

Below, we take a glance at the Gainium trading bot for an idea of its core features and capabilities.

Year of Launch 2022
Supported Exchanges  4 (Binance, Binance US, KuCoin, Bybit)
Supported Currencies  Cryptocurrencies available on connected exchanges
Security  Data Encryption, IP Whitelisting, Safe API keys
Mobile App Not Available 

Company Overview

Gainium is a cryptocurrency intelligence company that builds trading tools to help users improve their crypto earnings. The company was founded in 2022 and is located in Singapore. It aims to provide users with tools that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automate crypto trading on exchanges.

With these tools, investors can mitigate the risk of human errors, save time, and reduce potential losses due to market volatility.

However, during our Gainium review, we discovered little information about when the company was founded and the team behind the project. According to the website, Gainium was founded by a software developer, Ares Sanchez. Sanchez is called the “Captain of the ship at”

It would be great to know more about the team behind Gainium.

How Does Gainium Crypto Trading Bot Work?

Like other popular trading bots such as 3commas, Gainium allows users to create and automate trading strategies. These strategies can be used in the spot market and for advanced trades in the margin and futures markets.

After creating an account on Gainium, users have access to all the platform’s trading bots. These include Grid bots, HODL bots, DCA bots, and Trading bots. These bots are used for trade automation in the cryptocurrency market.

At the same time, users can test their trading strategies using the backtesting feature on Gainium. With this feature, traders are more convinced about their positions since they are backed by historical data and offer more potential profits.

However, Gainium is not for beginners, and using a trading bot requires decent crypto knowledge. This makes the platform more suitable for experienced investors.

The platform also offers paper trading to crypto beginners who want to test the platform or learn how trading bots work.

Gainium Features

Below, we highlight the standout features of Gainium that set it apart from its competitors.

Multiple Trading Bots

To provide users with an edge and cater to all kinds of traders, Gainium offers various trading bots to implement trading strategies. Currently, the platform offers four different bots that traders can choose from. These include;

  • Grid Bot: This bot uses the grid trading strategy to make gains by placing multiple long and short orders at intervals. With the Grid bot, traders can set predetermined intervals, prices, and other commands to be executed regardless of market conditions.
  • Trading Bot: Uses powerful built-in technical indicators to create trading strategies and automate buy and sell orders. In other words, the trading bot opens and closes trades on behalf of the user to reduce human errors.
  • DCA Bot: Uses the popular dollar-cost averaging (DCA) trading strategy to split the user’s investment across multiple orders. But unlike other bots, the DCA bot waits for favorable market conditions and takes a buy or sell position when the entry price reduces.
  • HODL Bot: This helps build long-term investment portfolios by investing in a trader’s favorite cryptocurrencies at the best possible time. The HODL bot also employs the DCA strategy but offers more flexibility since it’s focused on long-term investing.

Paper Trading

Since crypto trading bots are not ideal for beginner investors, Gainium provides paper trading to traders with little to no knowledge of bot trading. With the paper trading feature, traders can simulate the platform’s trading activities using its bots without using real money.

In the same vein, experienced investors can test the platform’s features and efficiency with virtual money before trading with real money on Gainium.


There are no guaranteed trading strategies in crypto. So, to test the accuracy of various strategies, Gainium offers a backtesting feature. This enables users to run their strategies against historical data, evaluate the performance, and make informed decisions.

The good part is that traders can backtest using multiple timeframes to arrive at more accurate data. The feature also requires no coding knowledge, making it suitable for the average investor.

Integration With Popular Exchanges

Though Gainium is limited in exchange support, the platform incorporates some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. With support from global exchanges like Binance, Binance.US, Bybit, and KuCoin, traders have a decent platform for automated trading.

The ability to easily connect with these exchanges and trade their supported cryptocurrencies is another upside to Gainium. Similarly, investors can easily access arbitrage activities by buying crypto on one exchange and selling on another for profit.

Portfolio Analysis

Apart from trading cryptocurrencies using bots and strategies, Gainium offers portfolio management as part of its services. The integrated portfolio management feature lets users view all their bot trading activities and balance risks and rewards.

In addition, traders can conduct a detailed analysis of their investments per time to identify what works and needs to be changed to improve profitability.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

During our Gainium crypto trading bots review, we discovered that the platform provides no information about the number of assets it supports. However, it’s expected that once an exchange is connected using API keys, the user can trade across the supported cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

However, after connecting to the Binance exchange, we discovered that Gainum supports 300+ trading pairs denominated in ETH and BTC.

Supported Exchanges

Only four exchanges are supported by Gainium Binance, Binance.US, Bybit, and KuCoin. While the exchanges are limited compared to competitors like 3Commas, with 16 exchanges, Gainium has some of the world’s largest exchanges in its listing.

User Experience

Despite its numerous offerings, Gainium strives to offer users a smooth experience. The platform is built with a simple user interface that makes the user flow seamless from account creation to connecting exchanges.

It’s also simple to set up bots and create trading strategies, and the platform doesn’t lag when different icons are clicked to execute commands. Beginners will particularly fancy how all tiles are well laid with brief descriptions of their uses. This makes it easy to get started quickly.

The trading terminal is also basic, with just the right tools and features to simplify usage.

However, the selection of trading pairs can be improved. Unlike other platforms that highlight the available crypto trading pairs, Gainium has them compressed in a little box. As a result, users cannot fully view all of the available pairs.


There’s limited information about Gainium’s security features and how it protects its customers. However, the website states that the company deploys high-end encryption technology to protect users’ information.

Similarly, Gainium employs safe API keys that cannot execute fund withdrawal, and users can further protect their exchange keys by whitelisting their IP addresses.

If effective, these security features can protect users and their funds.

Nevertheless, investors should proceed cautiously with no report of any external security audits.


At the time of writing, Gainium is in its Beta testing phase. That means there are no fees charged for using the platform. Users can therefore use its unlimited trading bots and other features at no cost.

However, the company expects that users will provide feedback to help it improve the trading platform. This can be done using the “Send Feedback” or “Feature Request” under the Help & Support section of the website.

Customer Service

Since Gainium is still in the early stages of development, customer support is limited. The platform provides a “Contact Us” section on its website, but users can only reach the team via email.

Bug reports and feedback are also sent via email, so customer support is unavailable by phone.

However, to educate users on the platform, its features, and bot trading, Gainium provides few educational resources in its Blog and Academy. These resources will be useful to crypto beginners and first-time users.

It’s important to note that there are currently no online user reviews of the platform, so the support team’s efficiency is yet to be determined.

Final Verdict

Gainium crypto trading bots are some of the latest bots in the crypto space. Currently in its beta phase, Gainium offers users various trading bots across four major cryptocurrency exchanges – Binance, KuCoin, Bybit, and Binance US.

With its bots and strategies, Gainium looks like a solid project with potential. In other words, Gainium is worth exploring by both beginners and experienced traders.

We look forward to seeing how the platform progresses.

Gainium FAQs

Are crypto trading bots profitable?

With the right strategies, crypto trading bots can execute trades on behalf of users for more profit. However, there are no assurances that these bots will make profitable trades.

How good is Gainium Crypto Trading Bot?

Gainium crypto trading bot can be a good option for investors because it is easy to use. However, the platform is still being tested, so its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed at this time.

How much does Gainium Crypto Trading Bot cost?

The Gainium crypto trading bot is currently free. As a result, investors can leverage its bots and trading features for free.


  • Paper trading available
  • Free access to crypto trading bots
  • Unlimited GRID and DCA bots
  • Backtesting supported for testing trading strategy


  • 4 exchanges supported currently
  • No mobile app
  • Need more info about the team

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