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Lolli Bitcoin Rewards App Available On iOS

Bitcoin rewards platform Lolli has launched a mobile app available on iOS devices.

Bitcoin rewards platform Lolli has announced the launch of a mobile app available on iOS devices.

The app gives users the ability to take advantage of Lolli’s “sats-back” ecommerce model, which offers bitcoin rewards for purchases and mainstream retailers including Microsoft, Kroger and Ulta Beauty. Previously, this was only available through Lolli’s web extension.

“The Lolli bitcoin rewards app offers even greater reward accessibility for mobile shopping and includes premium reward rates, a growing merchant network, referral bonuses, the option to view rewards in bitcoin or satoshis, Daily Stacks and faster reward confirmation times,” according to a press release shared with Bitcoin Magazine. “Lolli currently offers up to 30% and an average of 7% back in bitcoin rewards, and has already given over $3.5 million in merchant-funded bitcoin rewards to its users.”

The release added that “Daily Stacks” refers to an animated loot box within the app that gives users the chance to win one million satoshis (worth about $377 at the time of this writing) on a daily basis.

“We believe everyone should be able to easily earn bitcoin on every purchase on every device, and mobile shopping is just another step toward achieving that goal,” Lolli CTO Matt Senter said, per the release.

Lolli CEO Alex Adelman has been a vocal proponent of driving bitcoin adoption through commerce, with sats-back rewards eventually empowering more people to become full-fledged Bitcoiners.

“The next stage — these earners are going to become spenders,” as Adelman explained to Bitcoin Magazine in 2019. “Once they hold bitcoin, they’re going to want to spend it.”

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