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Nimiq: Open Source Cryptocurrency & Payments Platform

Nimiq is a non-profit and open-source project founded by some, developed by many, and owned by none. Instead, it is a decentralized payment system, built on a unique blockchain called OASIS.

Nimiq is a blockchain ecosystem for payments, it is designed to make cryptocurrencies easy to use for everyone without compromising decentralization.

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin was not only a technological idea but also laid the foundation for a disruptive means of transacting value not seen before in the history of humankind.

In the past, it was hard to imagine that payments are able to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.

Nimiq: Crypto

for Humans ?

As you can see, this brilliant concept has so far fostered a more grand ecosystem with a broad range of ideas and technical solutions.

At that time, cryptocurrencies still represented only a small fraction of the global money supply.

Platforms that “just work” for non-crypto people are those that do not look like a crypto platform and don’t require any technical knowledge to understand and use while most techie-friendly, non-UX-focused platforms won’t work for mass adoption but techies.

As such, non-crypto users will have difficulties understanding and getting along with the most modern technology like cryptocurrency.

In light of these facts, Nimiq seeks to research, implement, and combine cutting-edge technology to offer a crypto platform, especially for a non-crypto audience.

What Is Nimiq Creating?

To date, centralized services like centralized crypto exchanges or payment providers play a key role in the implementation and adoption of cryptocurrencies.

It can be explained easily, as they employ the same patterns we became familiar with by using online banking making them seem to be convenient and easy to use and appealing to users. This familiarity seems to make users feel safe.

However, this convenience and feeling of safety come with a serious trade-off which is giving up the ownership of your keys to a third party, violating what is considered to be the most special of cryptocurrencies.

In order to achieve the goal of crypto mass adoption, Nimiq develops innovative easy-to-use tech that helps humanity transition into the next generation of finance.

Your keys, your coins

The platform is designed to be a sustainable monetary system without intermediaries, where people are always in full control of their own money, can use it globally, and profit from it to achieve financial freedom.

Nimiq is building a self-custodial, non-discriminatory, easily usable, secure, cheap, eco-friendly, and collaborative decentral financial ecosystem for everyone including features like a digital currency, fast payments, cheap remittances, and the passive income available

Also, its native token NIM is independent money that is free and easy to use for everyone, open for everyone to participate and contribute, and interoperable with the future standards of finance.

Nimiq Key Features

With the aspiration to create the most accessible and easy-to-use blockchain payment system, not only does it aim to improve usability in the crypto sector, but Nimiq also provides a user experience that currently exceeds the fintech industry standards by using the advantages of being browser-first.

The blockchain ecosystem offers free-of-charge, reliable crypto solutions that allow you to join the crypto revolution. Here are what you are going to enjoy when jumping into its ecosystem:


Designed with mass adoption in mind so NIM is the easiest crypto to use. You can buy or sell the token from a bank account, swap for BTC, and manage and stake directly with no software download, no installation, no plugin, and no personal data required. Just open a website and it works. Also, you can pay with NIM on traditional Ingenico Credit/Debit Card Terminals.


Safe and true to the spirit of crypto: 100% non-custodial. “Not your keys not your coins“.

The fiat-crypto atomic swap

Nimiq invented Atomic which swaps between cryptos like NIM and BTC and fiat currencies like EUR or the next USD with no registration or sign-up up to $999 per month are now possible.

Earned swap fees are going to be converted to NIM and held to create scarcity.

The one-stop crypto shop


Nimiq is moving to PoS. Nimiq has created Albatross, a new, super-fast Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm that will launch together with an upgrade of the Nimiq Blockchain. This also can overcome the environmental burden caused by the electricity consumption of PoW.

Performance and Scalability

Expectations are about 1000 TPS and finality in one second.

Nimiq’s “super-halving”

The transition to Proof-of-Stake will reduce the emission rate from currently about 3000 NIM to lower than 1000 NIM per minute.


When staking a minimum of 1000 NIM, you can become a validator and enjoy a reward of around 6% per year. Delegated Staking from the Nimiq Wallet will also be supported for those who want to get rewards directly in their browsers, without running their own validator.

Modern Apps

To make crypto for everyone, Nimiq’s ecosystem apps are built for people without crypto or tech knowledge. The platform avoids crypto lingo and puts extra effort into the design and experience of the Nimiq apps to create a decentralized experience with the convenience of modern apps.

P2P Connections

The Nimiq Wallet connects directly to the blockchain and enables everyone to broadcast and receive transactions from the network themselves without depending on full nodes in the network as it’s done in Bitcoin and others.

What Makes Nimiq Special?

Nimiq is a crowdfunding project that raised 60K ETH in 2017, which is held and managed by the Nimiq Foundation and used to fund the development of Nimiq’s blockchain and ecosystem.

Its business model is not in the traditional sense. The team releases Transparency Reports about the remaining crowdfunding funds every year.

This transparency is very much appreciated by the community and seems to be somewhat unique in the crypto space. The platform also has quite a special initial token distribution “model” with only 1% of coins allocated to the creators and 88% rewards for the community.

The team behind the project uncompromised on decentralization and censorship resistance. Therefore, the team never takes centralized shortcuts and turns down opportunities that conflict with this idealism.

It is designed to focus on ease of use even for non-technical users and aims for the quickest, least complicated, and most accessible solution in all categories of a payment system.

Pay with crypto online or in-store

The Nimiq wallet might be the quickest to set up and easiest-to-use self-custodial wallet (for NIM and BTC).

Together with the built-in crypto-fiat bridge, a no-coiner (with a European bank account) can create a wallet and hold NIM or BTC in under five minutes and without providing any personal data, not even email.

On the other hand, the underlying OASIS protocol offers unique value in itself. It brings HTLCs to any digital asset and thus could also act as a super secure fiat-fiat bridge, e.g. for remittances.

So, Nimiq, in a way, is the most decentralized layer one network as it enables even non-techies to be peers on the network without any miners or master nodes in between.


In the midst that crypto payment systems are struggling to bridge the gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrency ecosystems, it can’s be denied that projects like Nimiq are delivering usability and value incentives for consumers to switch from their familiar ways of payment.

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