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Sazmining Launches Hydroelectric-Powered Mining Facility In Wisconsin

Sazmining, a bitcoin mining hosting solution provider, has launched their first hydroelectric-powered mining facility in Wisconsin, providing the company with a carbon-neutral source of electricity.

According to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, the facility will house 350 mining rigs. These will be powered by the natural flow of a nearby river running through a man-made dam.

The release describes how “This is a definitive proof-of-concept to show that, when done responsibly, bitcoin mining can not only greatly minimize any potential impact on the environment, but can also be fully carbon-neutral.” Bitcoin mining’s environmental impact has come under fire from many critics, but there is an incredible volume of research that shows Bitcoin mining encourages investment into renewables and sustainable sources of energy.

Will Szamosszegi, CEO of Sazmining, stated that “Our new facility provides a carbon-neutral source of electricity for our mining operations and is a model for how mining can be managed sustainably as well as a testament to our commitment to make a positive impact on our environment and the economy.”

Sazmining has focused particularly on catering to the retail market. With Bitcoin mining being relatively complicated at scale, it can make sense for certain investors to seek out services like Sazmining’s in order to acquire a stake in the mining industry.

“We want retail users to have the same opportunity to become full-time bitcoin miners as the big institutional players in the space,” President and COO Kent Halliburton said. “Scaling our services around earning revenue from mining alone incentivizes everyone equally, making joining the Bitcoin revolution simple and profitable.” 

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