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The Quickest Way To Achieve Financial Freedom Is With Bitcoin

Upon realization of the idea of liberty, it is immediately thrust into reality, never to be forgotten by those having experienced it.

I believe that the Founding Fathers of the United States inscribed the idea that liberty is inherent to life in the Declaration of Independence. While they made an astounding first step in declaring this, there has been, since the uprising of technology, a necessity of this in monetary form.

I believe that bitcoin is the codification of monetary liberty. Like the Declaration of Independence, Bitcoin was set into existence from the very moment it was realized;

“The nature of Bitcoin is such that once version 0.1 was released, the core design was set in stone for the rest of its lifetime.” – Satoshi Nakamoto

The mere existence of the idea now facilitated a reality in which liberty was to be demanded. Having had the taste of freedom, man had realized the fullest potential of life, in that of sovereignty.

Financial freedom is achieved the moment you begin acquiring bitcoin. Immediately, you obtain digital value — verifiably scarce and unstoppably mobile. There are no outside entities who can lay claim to your property; there are no boundaries on the transfer of your money. Each individual reclaims their inherent right to liberty, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and now too expressed in the form of Bitcoin’s code.

While the Declaration of Independence proclaimed the idea and theory of self sovereignty, Bitcoin created the physical implementation of such property rights, allowing the manifestation of such liberty to proliferate in reality. What the Declaration did on a theoretical level, Bitcoin achieves on a material level via monetary property rights.

It is interesting to think that such an achievement was only possible given the creation of the internet. As much as the printing press led to the proliferation of education, writing and reading — which were necessary for such a thing as the Declaration of Independence to occur — the internet enabled Bitcoin. The printing press, being the origin of worldwide mediums of content absorption, interconnected people across space and time. The internet accomplishes this feat even more so, more quickly and exponentially more effective.

And so, it is with this realization that we understand; Bitcoin, being enabled by a present global interconnectedness, is a physical manifestation of liberty. 

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