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Expands PARSIQ

PARSIQ Expands it’s Reach With Over 50 Strategic Partnerships

There’s some exciting news in the crypto ecosystem. PARSIQ has just announced that it has created over 50 different partnerships in 2021 alone. This, in conjunction with their recent funding round, promises a bright future for the technology company.

A Subscription Oracle For The Crypto Space From PARSIQ

Founded in 2018 and spearheaded by CEO Tom Tirman, PARSIQ is a blockchain oracle platform that is making a splash. It describes itself as a next-generation monitoring and workflow automation platform.

It specializes in providing tools that bring what happens in the blockchain to the real world. This brings users the ability to track the network in real-time and make full use of the blockchain with outside apps.

With a ‘no-code editor, the strength lies in creating custom event triggers and automating the workflow. This gives users the tools to make the most of blockchain tools by combining them with automation.

Users of the platform pay for this service with its PRQ token. This brings the Subscription as a Service model to the crypto world. There is no need to create custom code, as the SaaS model cuts massive dev time from any project.

Every PARSIQ user can take advantage of the platform and build their monitoring solutions by holding PRQ tokens as a means for payment.

With an ever-growing list of partners, PARSIQ holders get more bang for their buck. This growing partnership expands the reach of the oracle services provided.

People looking for the token won’t have any difficulties finding it. The PRQ token has been listed on exchanges like OKEx and KuCoin since January and May of 2021 respectively.

A Strong Year

The oracle platform has seen a great 2021 and looks to expand its foothold in the crypto world.

Today, the platform announced that it has secured over 50 different partnerships in the running year alone.

Among such partnerships, you can find names like AAVE, OKEx, Solana, Chainlink, Polkadot, UnoRe, Mysterium Network, PancakeSwap, and deBridge

CEO Tom Tirman said the following about the 2021 partnerships:

“This milestone is symbolic of the huge potential for on-chain monitoring and automation in both the crypto and trad-fi space. A potential which we’re seeing fulfilled by the rapid expansion of users and use-cases on the PARSIQ platform. We’ve seen a proliferation of on-chain informed automated decision making across workflow improvement, compliance and risk management, finance and accounting, and IDO analytics, to name a few.

New partnerships will continue to be announced alongside rapid product development, giving PARSIQ users exponentially greater ability to orchestrate their actions with multiple sources of on-chain data in real-time.”

New partners mean new functionality that can be explored on the platform. As what is offered grows, we will likely see more parties taking to offering further partnerships with the oracle.

Gaining Ground In The Crypto Space

This announcement shows the enthusiasm that these well-known platforms have for PARSIQ.

While these are only a few of the 50+ partnerships this year, others have been early adopters. Among these early-stage partners are names like Algorand, Dash, Bitfury Crystal, AllianceBlock, SuperFarm, and others.

2021 is not limited to just a greater number of partnerships. The team was able to raise $3million in investments in Series A funding.

Investors that have put their trust in the oracle are such names as the Solana Foundation, Axia8 Ventures. Krypital Group, Transfero Swiss, Sanctum Ventures, CoinUnited, Mindworks VC, Elevate Ventures, and others.

It’s easy to see that 2021 has been a strong year for PARSIQ. The oracle looks to take full advantage of this momentum and keep its growth in the future. We’ll be waiting to see where the future leads.

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