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Expands PlayDapp

PlayDapp expands its gaming metaverse with the launch of Play-to-Earn Feature for Along With the Gods RPG On October 27th

The blockchain gaming industry has continued to grow massively in recent months, driven by the prospects of earning tokens while gaming. Several platforms have been launched during this period, with only a few able to establish a foothold in the highly competitive market.

PlayDapp is one of the fast-rising blockchain platforms that has established itself by merging DeFi and NFTs into its gaming metaverse. It has launched products that allow gamers to earn tokens and NFTs for their gaming activities.

We explore some of the major aspects of its latest Play-to-Earn feature that will be introduced in the coming weeks.

PlayDapp introduces Play-to-Earn Feature

PlayDapp has continued to make significant updates and collaborations that have made its ecosystem grow in recent months. Its flagship game ‘’Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn’’ is one of the most downloadable blockchain games on the Google Play store and has amassed a vast community of gamers and enthusiasts since its launch.

The latest Play-to-Earn (P2E) feature recently announced for Along with the Gods will launch on October 27, 2021. It is expected to revamp the gaming economy and attract more gamers. Today, October 20th  PlayDapp has opened pre-staking readly to let players prepare for P2E.

P2E, also known as GameFi, is a growing trend in the blockchain space that combines a complex economic system with classic games. It provides a gaming economy where users can trade in-game items for real-life tokens exchanged for money. This concept has proven popular since it also creates communities where players and creators can exchange ideas and close deals.

PlayDapp is introducing this feature to its flagship game using the concept of staking. Gamers can stake PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs for daily and weekly rewards in PLA tokens. Users will be required to stake three SR grade Playz NFTs to be eligible for daily rewards of 5 PLA tokens.

Highly skilled gamers who want more value can stake one SSR grade Playz NFT and compete in PvP to earn 5,000 PLA.

What makes the P2E feature unique is that gamers suffer no losses for staking NFTs. They receive rewards in PLA tokens and can withdraw their NFT stakes at any time. This is unlike other gaming platforms with penalties for gamers that unstake their assets before the allotted period.

Interested gamers can take part in the P2E pre-staking period starting from October 20, 2021. Pre-staking is available at During this period, they can load their NFTs into PlayDapp’s item Manager in-game to ensure that they earn PLA tokens when the P2E feature launches on October 27 2021.

Expanding an already successful gaming ecosystem.

The blockchain gaming sector is ever-evolving, and PlayDapp is well-positioned to become a major stakeholder in the coming months. The gaming platform has made major moves to increase the adoption of its native token PLA.

PLA has been listed on popular crypto exchanges like Upbit, and Coinbase. It has also been deployed into other blockchain gaming platforms like COMETH and League of Kingdoms, with more collaborations in the pipeline.

PlayDapp team has also continued to expand with personnel spread across the gaming and tech industry. Since its inception, this wealth of experience and connection has led to several high profile partnerships with Samsung, Polygon, Chainlink, Line, Klatyn and Portis.

PlayDapp intends to add more features to its ecosystem in the future. Some of which includes an SDK plugin launch on Naver Gamepot Operation service, migrating its protocol to the Binance Smart Chain, specialized server for Along with the Gods and launching a PvP tournament system.

 Bottom Line

The launch of the Play-to-Earn feature on Along with the Gods is a great one for the PlayDapp ecosystem. Gamers have the opportunity to earn extra rewards while playing their favourite games and building the in-game economy. This would lead to major growth in the PlayDapp community, increasing the adoption of PLA tokens.

PlayDapp flagship game ‘’Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn, can be downloaded from the Google Playstore

To learn more about PlayDapp, visit the links below.

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