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Popoo Revolution

Popoo: Join the Web3 Revolution with Creator-Owned Social Media

Aiming to help Web2 users ease into the new age of the digital future, Popoo is a blockchain platform that combines a traditional social media platform with Web3 incentives.

By watching, posting, and engaging with social media content via Popoo, users will gain Popoo tokens ($PPT), which will be used to elevate the user experience within the app.

Designed as a platform driven by unique NFTs for anonymous digital identity and online content ownership, Popoo is promised that it will redefine how people interact with one another.

Web3, blockchain technology, NFTs, tokens, and cryptocurrencies have been becoming popular words to many as these new technologies are revolutionizing the way people live.

Take a look at how the internet evolved, it can be seen that while Web1 was used as a resource for learning and was a space for media companies, Web2 went much further as it created a space where users could upload images and video content.

In other words, Web2 mainly focused on human interaction.

What Is Popoo?

Web2 opened the doors to social media and became a commercial lot where corporations connected with their audience. Not only that, but Web2 also became a huge marketplace for content creators, artists, and entrepreneurs.

The rise of online social spaces can be said as a result of the wave of people who found a way to make a profit from a new booming economy.

However, some of the biggest drawbacks of Web2 such as lacking privacy and security led to Web3 being on the rise.

Web3 provides users with the form of tracked ownership thanks to the cryptographic nature of blockchain technology, so every piece of content created or shared on Web3 can be tracked.

Moreover, every user on Web3 has the chance to keep their identity a secret. Therefore, Web3 delivers a transparent but private experience.

What Does Popoo Offer?

Popoo is specifically aimed at Gen Y/Z creators who are passionate about their art and are looking for a way to monetize their hard work so that you will be offered the following features as a creator.

  • Channel to Web3: Experience a new platform powered by blockchain technology and built for the Web3 era.
  • Digital Identity: Gain unique NFTs and make them your online asset. Popoo will protect your on-chain activity and give you rewards as you grow and level up your NFT.
  • Multi-Chain Action: The ability to access a variety of content from a multitude of platforms. You will able to create your own content and reach a much wider audience in the social space of Popoo.
  • Deep Engagement: The ability to engage directly as passionate creators and active community members.
  • Ownership Economy: Give you existing social recognition and established social identities into Web3 with Popoo’s anonymous Proof-of-Ownership technology.
  • Web3 Abstraction: Designed to be an easy-to-use Web3 platform.


Popoo gives you the ability to earn tokens via the Social Engagement Mechanism. As such, active users on Popoo will earn rewards and will even gain governance power. There are two native tokens in the Popoo ecosystem:

  • The Popoo Token ($PPT): Play an important role in the Popoo ecosystem. You can earn $PPT by engaging with the app. Then, the more you engage, the more $PPT you earn. Not only that, but you also will be able to level up NFTs with $PPT.
  • The Popoo Governance Token ($PGT): Those who hold $PGT gain governance rights on the platform. You will get to decide what changes to make, what features should come next, and what works and what doesn’t.

Also, $PGT will be used to launch crowdfunding campaigns for projects on the blockchain.

The Popoo ecosystem is run by two native tokens.

Why Should Popoo be on Your Radar?

It can’t be denied that NFTs are gaining popularity in every sector.

Although the year 2022 has been a cold hard year for crypto, it has in no way been hard on other Web3 projects such as NFTs.

The high demand for NFTs has not subsided despite the raging bear market in the crypto space showing that brands across the world are always finding unique ways of using NFTs.

When NFTs first came to be, NFTs were a revolutionary use case for artists and were mostly used to digitize, sell, and distribute art as artists can directly control their own work.

Since then, NFT use cases continue to amaze the crowds from sports NFTs, gaming NFTs, and fashion NFTs to supply chain activities.

However, only the very top KOLs and popular artists are able to get the promotions they want and the ad revenue to earn a real living.

Blockchain Engagement for All

Meanwhile, several tiers of small/mid-size artists are basically working for free as well as unable to overcome the barriers set by platforms for revenue sharing even though the platforms themselves earn massive amounts of revenue through the collective efforts of small/mid creators.

Seeing these infinite possibilities of NFTs, Popoo has started with what it believes to be the most essential for social content creators.

Level up in a the new world of the future by simply doing what you already love.

On Popoo, users and creators can turn their content into NFTs, allowing them to directly own their content and every time users watch content, the creators will be able to earn engagement rewards with a higher monetization compared to traditional platforms.

On the other hand, on traditional social media platforms, content ownership is not guaranteed and the platform can ban or remove your account whenever they want to, making it similar to a centralized crypto exchange.

Popoo with its promise, of “not your keys, not your content”, will take advantage of tokenization and on-chain transparency to allow content creators to truly own their content and monetize or even sell the ownership rights.

Leverage Existing Assets

Understand that creators may have spent many years building a brand, IP, and unique content, therefore, the platform allows you to continue where you left off instead of starting over again. You’ll be able to import your existing social Web2 identity into Web3.

In addition, Popoo’s mission is to be a community-driven project, which ultimately means less focus on any individual or team. The platform will focus on the vision and goals of the project and platform.

The platform is well funded by the founding team, with no external investors.

Popoo plans to abstract the complexities of Web3 technicalities, making it easy to interact with tokens, NFTs, SBTs, and more without extensive prior technical knowledge keeping users in one ecosystem with the Popoo NFT Marketplace, Wallet, and more.

How to Get Started with Popoo?

To register, you will need your email address or phone number, then a verification code will be sent to your email or your phone.

Once done, you will be able to pin your interests by browsing through the trending topics provided and selecting the tags that you find most interesting. The generated NFT will be inspired based on your interests.

Then, the NFT will be used as your Unique Personal Identifier to showcase your online identity.

When platforms must stay on trend with social demands and global interests, platforms like Popoo were born to continue writing the future of the internet.

As a user and creator, you can benefit from these trends and do it better over other traditional social media platforms.

With Popoo, you will witness the magic of a new toolset for creators, with more revenue but also more opportunities to use tokens and NFTs to create direct connections, events, and merchandise for their community.

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