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Gaming Revolution

Unix Labs Led a Gaming Revolution: Web3 Is Next

Unix Labs is no longer satisfied with having changed the world of Web3 gaming but also wants to bring the benefits of Web3 to businesses around the world.

With this in mind, it has launched its Web3 development arm to expand its horizons beyond gaming: Unix Labs. This project will help businesses transition from Web2 to Web3, opening the door to new possibilities.

The Unix Labs Revolution

Gaming was long seen by many experts as blockchain and crypto’s gateway toward mass adoption, especially given the technology’s ability to give players true ownership over assets.

With gaming, people are able to get into blockchain, and see what it offers both industry, and users. The first way that blockchain and gaming came together were games that made people money, but this isn’t a limit – just a starting point.

However, while most people tend to limit their association of blockchain and gaming to the Play-to-Earn model (P2E), there is much more that blockchain can offer to gamers and developers alike.

LVL UP your game with Web3

This was demonstrated by Unix Gaming years ago when they took blockchain gaming to a new level by bringing the Web3 ethos to the industry.

Not only did the company develop the OWNED platform to help developers share their games with the world but it also created a strong economic ecosystem that allowed both players and developers to thrive.

By also developing and offering a Web3 SDK toolkit specifically designed for game developers and its own studio, 1MHZ Studios, Unix Gaming quickly became one of the biggest players in the space.

Back in 2021, the company raised over $28 million in funding with the support of private investors like LD Capital, Banter Capital, Akatsuki, Argo Blockchain, Pluto Digital, and many more. Of the $28 million, 22 were the result of community support through Copper Launch, a testament to the potential the company’s vision had.

Bringing Web3 to All Businesses

Web3 is a new generation of the internet that is more decentralized, transparent, and open than the current web2, whose development has been mostly linked to technologies like blockchain, NFTs, and crypto.

With the hype around this evolution of the internet continuing to grow, companies like Napster, Tencent, and Amazon have already started their incursion in Web3.

While transitioning towards Web3 is not a problem for established companies and tech giants, this transition can be costly for smaller companies, startups, and other businesses.

Not only is blockchain technology still in its infancy but its technical nature can also be a challenge even for experienced developers. This is where Unix Labs has found the potential to make a change by helping such businesses do the transition as easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible.

Bringing Web3 to All Businesses

With this purpose in mind, Unix Labs provides various services ranging from Game Dev & Gamification to Custom Web3 Marketplace, helping businesses transition to the new Web3 type of service.

These services are provided by a diverse team of over 130 professionals with backgrounds in engineering, art, and other skill sets to fulfill the needs of every specific business and its vision.

Making Web3 Games Mainstream

One of the most notable services provided by Unix Labs is Game Dev & Gamification, which is just natural when considering Unix Gaming’s success and experience.

The company works with its dedicated game studio to integrate advanced Web3 features into already-existing games, as well as to build NFT and DAO systems to facilitate trading in virtual ecosystems.

Gamification, on the other hand, offers companies an easy way to increase user engagement without having to completely change their existing models. This approach is already being used by companies like Starbucks with its “Starbucks Odyssey” experience, which allows its customers to access benefits while participating in immersive game-like experiences.

By bringing existing games and platforms into the Web3 ecosystem, Unix Labs aims to become a major player in building the Web3 of the future while also accelerating its development.

Of course, this would also allow businesses to gain a competitive advantage by becoming pioneers and joining early.

Blockchain Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

“Blockchain Anything” and the design/development of smart contracts is another of the many services provided by Unix Labs.

These services are meant to help businesses harvest the benefits that blockchain technology has to offer without having to deal with the technical challenges that come with it.

Blockchain Development

No matter the scope of the shift that a business is aiming for, Unix Labs has the means to help them accelerate it.

The team’s experience allows them to help with the integration of crypto payment and marketplace solutions, automation through smart contracts, improvement of transparency, development of decentralized governance models, and much more.

Economic Strategy is Everything

When it comes to getting a business off the ground, having a sound economic strategy is key, which can be even more important when switching to a Web3 approach. For this reason, Unix Labs also offers its “Blockchain Economist”.

With this service, the Unix Lab team can audit an existing business’ current economic strategy to identify the risks associated with it, no matter if economic or operational.

Based on this assessment, the team will then optimize Web3 mechanisms to reduce costs and inefficiencies while also designing a healthy, holistic token economy to last.

Non-Fungible Assets Are Still in Fashion

NFTs were one of the biggest hypes of 2021 and 2022 given all their potential applications. Now that the space has had time to cool down and speculators are leaving, Unix Labs is aiming to harvest them to help growing business benefit from them.

The company does this through its NFT Creation & Consulting service. It consists of the creation of personalized blue-chip NFT collections to provide personalized NFT experiences.

NFT Creation

These experiences can range from online marketplaces tailored to the business and users’ needs or complex ecosystems in which collectibles and digital assets are in full control of their holders.

The NFT development team can also optimize the launch with custom marketing and Web3 solutions and provide ongoing, dedicated support from the UniX Labs team.

This, when combined with Unix Labs’ powerful Web3 Custom Web3 Marketplace, further improves the revenue streams that businesses can have at their disposal.

The Future is Web3

All experts agree that the internet we have today couldn’t be further from the original mission it was meant to serve.

Data silos, digital surveillance, unethical monetization policies, insufficient infrastructure, and many other elements have created an ecosystem that can be a nightmare to interact with and develop for.

As such, it is not surprising that companies like Unix Labs are looking to accelerate the transition to a newer and better model, an effort that even the internet’s creator supports.

By bringing the decentralized internet to the mainstream, concerns around privacy and the monopolies established by big tech will be a thing of the future.

There is zero doubt that blockchain and Web3 three will change how people use digital systems. The Web2 model is on its last legs. Data ownership creates value, and makes digital systems work for everyone involved, not just the platforms.

With a unique team of experienced individuals, the experience, and the resources to back up its ideas, Unix Labs has what it takes to become one of the biggest names in the Web3 industry, bringing businesses into a new era.

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